CES & THE Show 2012

A Buffet of Music

Atma-Sphere, Magnepan, Zu Audio, Wilson Audio, Nola, Audio Research, Lamm, and much more

TAB's 2011 Awards

". . .presenting awards for best audio product and best recording only, instead of Best Anything and/or Everything Related to Audio.

Hot Products

Pass Labs Xs 150 and Xs 300
BMC Arcadia
Esoteric P-02 & D-02
Weiss MAN301
Crystal Cable "Absolute Dream"
Grand Prix Monaco 1.5
Venture Ultimate Reference
NAD Masters M50, M51 & M52
PSB Imagine T2 & M4U 2
Harmonic Resolution Systems Analog Disk & RXR
Graham Phantom II Supreme 12" and S-shaped armwands
Kronos Turntable
VTL S-400 Series II & S-200 Series II
Anthem Statement M1
Vivid G3 Giya
Zanden TPM-1
Atma-Sphere Nirvana
Audio Research Reference DAC, Reference 5 SE & Reference Phono 2 SE
Ayre Acoustics QA-9
Magico Q7
ProAc Response D40R
Silverline Audio IS-100
ESS Laboratories AMT Limited Edition
Amphion Argon 7L
Rockport Avior
D'Agostino Momentum Stereo amp & Momentum preamp
Lyra Atlas
Ortofon MC Anna
Wireworld Starlight USB 3.0

Best of Show

Audio Research & Sonus Faber
Zanden Audio & Grand Prix Audio
ProAc & Tube Technology
DeVore Fidelity


"Shunyata Research's 'static exhibit' was anything but silent."
"To prevent preconceived notions, a curtain hid the speakers, leaving attendees to concentrate on the sound -- and wonder what was creating it."
". . .rarely do I come across audiophile hardware with a snowflake motif engraved in the chassis."

Sounds & Sights

"A lacquer is only good for about five plays on each side before the groove is ruined. . ."
"John Giolas. . .explains to Paul Bolin the fine points of the new Alexandria XLF. . ."
"The Synergy Carbon is completely remote controlled, but its most novel feature is its hidden panel for tube biasing."


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