High End 2015

The Usual Suspects

"Ever since the late 1980s the audio industry has seized on one savior technology after another."

Hot Products

Döhmann Helix
Sennheiser HD 630VB
Acoustical Systems cartridge-alignment tool
Soundsmith products
Lyrus Audio Designs Model 6 and Model 9
ENIGMAcoustics Dharma D1000
Atacama Evoque Eco Special Edition
Micromega M One 100 and 150
Lansche Audio Cubus Mk II
Marten Coltrane 3
EMM Labs D2
Simaudio Moon 780D
Engstrom & Engstrom Monica
dCS Rossini
Aavik U300
Concrete Audio N1
CH Precision P1
Audio Alchemy DDP-1 and PS-5
Constellation Audio Virgo III and Centaur II
MSB Select 2
Tidal Piano G2
Wilson Benesch R1
Onda Ligera Wave 168D and Reflector 218Q
Aurender N10
Chord DAVE
Astell & Kern AK380, AK500A and T1
Fono Acustica Virtuoso
Kronos Audio Sparta 0.5
Focal Sopra No.1 and No.2
Vienna Acoustics Liszt
Naim DR upgrades
Nordost Odin 2
Kuzma 14" 4Point
AMG Giro G9


"Building cartridges is part precision engineering and part hands-on feel."
"The RP-6900 (no pricing available) is a single-ended design that uses the scarce 6900 tube that was developed for intercontinental ballistic missiles in the 1950s, so quite a rugged piece of glass!"
"This is the third year that Kevin and Lynn Scott have brought the four-box Living Voice Vox Olympian/Vox Elysian horn system to Munich, and every year it has sounded even better."
"That in turn makes them the most important members of the audio press in China -- which pretty much makes them the most significant audio press people in the world."
"Buyers of RB250 tonearms or ‘tables mounting them should be aware that clones are out there and that there’s no guarantee that their performance will match that of the Rega-built original."
"Paradigm has a well-established and well-deserved reputation for offering high-value, high-performance speakers -- plenty of bang for your buck at prices that real people can afford."
"The astonishingly capable Wadax Pre 1 has received a complete makeover -- and grown two extra boxes along the way."


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