High End 2015 • Hot Product

All existing Naim users who felt disenfranchised by the arrival of the Statement amplifiers can now get their own slice of Statement technology and performance in the most cost effective way possible. The first trickle-down fruits of Statement technology can be seen in the DR upgrades applied to existing amplifier models to create the new NAP 200 DR (1662.50), NAP 250 DR (2912.50), NAP 300 DR (6079.17) and NAP 500 DR (16,250.00). The DR moniker refers to the "boot-strapped" discrete regulators used throughout the revised models, an elegant topology derived directly from the Statement amplifier, which uses the regulator’s own output as its voltage reference and in the case of the NAP 250 creates a power supply that’s thirty times quieter than that for the current model. But the DR regulator is not only quieter than the existing supplies, it offers lower dynamic impedance and can be precisely trimmed to match the devices it feeds. In the case of the NAP 200 DR, the amplifier also gains a DR-derived output that can drive an associated preamp. The NAP 250 DR, '300 DR and '500 DR also employ the proprietary, exhaustively matched NA009 output transistors developed for the Statement amplifier. These offer significant advantages in terms of both mechanical and thermal stability, heard as greater resolution, clarity and dynamic range.

The Classic DR series amplifiers will be available from June, the NAP 500 DR following slightly after the other models. But the really good news is that owners of existing Classic and Triptych amplifiers will be able to have their units upgraded in late 2015.

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