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Nordost tried to maintain one of the worst-kept secrets in the industry, but officially introduced Odin 2 in Munich. Combining the strengths of Odin with advances first incorporated in Valhalla 2, Nordost has totally redesigned Odin, creating a completely new and different line of cables.

Just as Valhalla 2 surpassed Odin in many ways, Odin 2 leaps ahead of Odin and Valhalla 2. Odin 2 incorporates the mechanical and connectivity improvements from Valhalla 2 (most obviously the Holo:Plug connectors) that reduced internal cable resonance. Into that mix goes newly improved Dual Micro Mono-filament technology to separate conductors from the insulation -- what Nordost labels "Total Signal Control," consisting of lapped ribbon shielding around the insulation -- paired with fully shielded power and interconnect cabling and other proprietary developments.

Nordost ran its usual comparison demonstrations during the show, this time with original Odin side by side with Odin 2, and the differences were obvious and stunning. The lower noise floor and increased three-dimensional soundstaging were obvious even under show conditions.

Of course, such advances in performance come at a price. The Odin 2 power cords come in a 1.25-meter length for $16,999.99, with additional 1.25-meter increments adding $4999.99. Interconnects are $19,999.99 for the first half-meter and and an additional $2499.99 for each additional half-meter.

The phono cable is $11,999.99 for a 1.25-meter length, adding $3999.99 per additional meter. The digital cable is $10,999.99 for a 1.25 meter length and another $2999.99 for each 1.25-meter increment. Finally, the speaker cable is $29,999.00 for a one-meter pair, plus $3999.99 per each additional half-meter increment.

If these prices are out of your range, the trickle-down effect should shake up the lower ranges of Nordost cabling down the road.

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