High End 2015 • Hot Product

Peter Madnick of Constellation Audio made his industry debut with Audio Alchemy way back in the early days of outboard DACs, and it seems that he can’t let the brand go. Audio Alchemy is back with a range of interesting components that starts with an analog and digital preamplifier, the DDP-1 ($1995). This has a discrete analog stage and motorized volume pot alongside a headphone output. The PS-5 ($595) is an optional power supply for the DDP-1 that has a linear element for the analog side and a switching one for the digital. It rather neatly nestles alongside the DDP-1.

Brand new is the DPA-1 (not on display, $1995), which is either a 150Wpc stereo amplifier or a 400-watt monoblock. The amp has class-A input alongside class-D output. In the future there will be a DMP streamer ($1595) that can pipe DSD and will be in the same casework as the PS-5.

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