High End 2017


"This year, it seems, the venue bit back -- with a vengeance."


". . . only the most Puritan of Americans should be surprised to find audio equipment on display in a rainbow of colors . . . "
"Taylon was developed for precision weapons-guidance systems, which have critical parameters for phase shift."
"We saw 'arms that were shorter, 'arms that were fatter, even 'arms that were on the distinctly affordable side."

Hot Products

CEC TL5 and TL2N
Wilson Benesch Resolution
Magnum Dynalab MD-1ME, MD-1MS, MDT-1PRE and MDT-1DAC
Métronome Technologie DSC1 and Kalista EA
MSB Reference DAC
Constellation Audio Leo
Wharfedale Diamond 11
Crystal Cable Ultimate Dream
Wadax Arcadia
Focal Maestro Utopia III Evo and Scala Utopia III Evo
Auralic Aries G2 and Vega G2
Aesthetix Mimas
Ayre Acoustics QX-8 and AX-8
Wadax Atlantis Transport, Server and DAC
Nordost QKore 1, QKore 3 and QKore 6
Thorens TD 907, TD 905 and TD 903
dCS Vivaldi One
Neodio Origine P5, Origine I3 and Origine L0
Playback Designs MPT-8 and MPD-8
Dynaudio Special Forty
SME levels
Audeze Sine DX and LCDi4


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