High End 2017 • Hot Product

Nordost demonstrated its newest product line: QKore, which was designed to drain away noise from the system ground. Readers of The Audio Beat will be familiar with the advantages of adding a clean (or parallel) ground to the audio system. QKore allows audio enthusiasts, like those living in apartments (who may not be able to construct such a ground), access to an effective ground-noise solution in place of (or in addition to) a clean ground run to a post outside.

The identical-looking QKore units are available in three configurations. The QKore 1 ($2499.99) connects to the binding post of a Nordost QBase and grounds the primary side of the power supply. The QKore 3 ($3499.99) has three binding posts to attach to three system components on the secondary side of the component power supply, to drain noise from the audio circuits. Providing a clean ground to both the power supply and the audio ground circuits requires at least one QKore 1 and one or more QKore 3s. An alternative is the third box, the QKore 6 ($4999.99), which has six outlets, with one reserved for the distribution block.

Finally, QKore Wires connect the QKore units to the system components. QKore Wire is supplied with each unit. Longer runs, which can be terminated with spades, bananas, XLRs, BNCs or RCAs as required, are $360 for one meter plus $150 per additional meter.

Nordost demonstrated the difference in sound with and without QKore. Removing even one QKore ground path had an immediately recognizable effect, and removing more had a significant and cumulative negative effect on perceived detail, air and musical pace. You'll soon read more about QKore on The Audio Beat.

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