High End 2017 • Hot Product

The FM tuner experts at Magnum Dynalab must be feeling the change in the wind, because they launched no fewer than four products aimed at the digitally savvy, streaming-oriented customer. The Magnum Dynamite (MD) components inhabit half-width enclosures with a 5" display and a minimum of controls. Most operations are available through a control app called M-Connect.

There are two very similar streaming products, the MD-1ME (left, $2500) and MD-1MS ($3995). The main difference between them is that the latter is referred to as a "Music Streamer" and has a tube output stage alongside a DAC that’s good for up to 384kHz PCM and DSD. Both can stream Spotify, Tidal and Qobuz and are Roon ready; likewise they are MQA certified. There’s no FM, but there is a V-Tuner for Internet radio, and they support all of the usual formats, including “Monkey’s,” if the spec is to be taken at its word.

Another new Magnum Dynalab product is the MDT-1PRE (left, $2695), a triode tube preamplifier and headphone amp featuring simulated VU meters and smartphone remote control and has the option to add an FM/DAB tuner and/or a DAC. The final element is the MDT-1DAC ($2695); again, a triode output is combined with the ESS Sabre DAC found in the Music Streamer to provide D/A conversion with all the usual inputs, except AES/EBU.

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