CES & THE Show 2010

American Sonic Splendor

VTL, TAD, Scaena, Karan Acoustics, Pass Labs, Kuzma, Synergistic Research, Legacy Audio, Coincident Speaker Technology, and many more

Hot Products

Atma-Sphere "No Name" mono amplifier

Audio Research DS450 amplifier

Avalon Time speakers

Ayre/DPS tonearm

Basis Audio Inspiration turntable

Bergmann Sleipner turntable

Calyx Kong USB headphone amp and King Kong USB DAC

Esoteric D-07 DAC and RZ-1 CD/SACD player & integrated amp

Fosgate Signature phono stage

Furutech GT40 USB DAC and headphone amp

Magnepan MG1.7

Paradigm Signature S8 v3 speakers & SUB 1 and SUB subwoofers

Spiral Groove Centroid tonearm

Vivid Audio G2 Giya speakers

Wilson Audio Polaris

Zanden Audio Model 1200 Mk 3 phono stage

Best of Show

BAlabo electronics, Tidal Sunray speakers

Continuum Caliburn turntable, Audio Research electronics, Wilson Audio Sasha W/P speakers

Lamm Industries Electronics, Wilson Audio MAXX 3 speakers, NeoDio digital separates, Redpoint turntable, Kubala-Sosna Elation cables, Critical Mass Systems racks and stands

Nagra 300i, Verity Audio Leonore

Raysonic Reference 23 mono amps, Acoustic Zen Crescendo speaker

ProAc Pro Carbon Six speakers

Teresonic speakers

Venture Grand Excellence speakers, WAVAC HE-833 v1.3 mono amps


"Get the black cords out."

"I will soon get to experience another slice of CES at home...,"

"If you cover nothing else at CES, make sure you cover this."

"What is Foundation Theory and why does Roy Gregory think it's important?"

Sounds & Sights

Ayre Acoustics DX-5 universal A/V player

Graham B-44 Phantom II tonearm: an experiment in tracking

Keith Monks Ruby Anniversary record-cleaning machine

"One doesn't buy records casually."

TAB encounters Dean Peer

YG Acoustics Carmel speaker













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