CES 2017

Searching for Texture: The 2017 Jimmy Awards

"Those few exhibits that painted with a master’s brush are honored here."

TAB's 2016 Awards

dCS, HRS and Newvelle Records


"CES becomes more bland and spiritless every year, but no one can blame Crystal Cable or Siltech for this."
"Needless to say, if you want this record, buy now or be sorry later."
"For years one of the refrains at CES and other shows has been that turntables were making 'a comeback' and showing up 'in record numbers.'"
"At times, roaming the halls of CES this year brought up images of the most outside of sports -- bowling."

Hot Products

Zanden Audio Model 3000 Mk 2
Keith Monks discOveryOne Redux
Grand Prix Audio Monaco Nouvelle and Silverstone 4
dCS Network Bridge
Acoustique Quality Passion
Astell & Kern AK XB10
DS Audio DS 002
Crystal Cable Ultimate Dream and Siltech Triple Crown
Constellation Audio Centaur II, Andromeda, Pictor and Taurus
Simaudio Moon 888
Lamm Industries L2.1
Mark Levinson No.551
Harmonic Resolution Systems VXR and S3
Audeze iSine 20
Pro-Ject DS2
AudioQuest NightHawk Carbon, NightOwl Carbon and Niagara 5000
VTL TP-2.5
Golden Ear Technology Triton Reference


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