CES 2017 • Hot Product

Siltech and Crystal Cable each showed new ultimate power cords for those select and well-heeled customers who can afford the best power cords that each brand can produce.

Siltech’s Triple Crown cord uses seven heavy-core S8 monocrystal silver conductors with air-core insulation. The shortest length is 1.5 meters and it costs €13,900. That length is dictated for two reasons. Siltech claims that the 1.5-meter length sounds better than a single meter. Additionally, as a practical matter, the longer length makes for easier bending of the ultra-stiff cord.

Crystal Cable's Ultimate Dream is composed of seven conductors, six of which are all-monocrystal technology and the seventh inner conductor a silver-gold core said to add low ground impedance for cleaning up ground-loop noise. Far more flexible than the Siltech, the Ultimate Dream starts at a one-meter length costing €9500, with the 1.5-meter length costing €11,900.

Both power cords come in custom boxes befitting their character. Siltech’s box could just as easily enclose a pair of dueling pistols . . . ,

. . . while the Crystal Cable box could double as a very attractive handbag.

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