CES 2017 • Hot Product

The new Lamm Industries L2.1 preamp (top and bottom shelves, $22,790) replaces one of the company's longest-running products -- the original L2, which Marc Mickelson reviewed nearly 16 years ago.

Like the model it replaces, the LP2.1 is a dual-mono, hybrid, zero-feedback design with a separate power supply that features tube rectification and choke filtering. It has two stepped volume controls and uses five tubes: two 12AX3s, one 12AX7, one 5651A and one 6C19P.

The LP2.1 uses new PC boards with gold traces and new capacitors . . .

. . . but the greatest change in sonic terms comes in the form of new transistors, which help the LP2.1 sound "Fast, fast, fast," according to Vladimir Lamm.

Vladimir Lamm, designer of all Lamm Industries equipment, explains some of the design points and changes of his new L2.1 preamp.

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