Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2012

Three Days in Denver

Friday • Atma-Sphere, Doshi Audio, Volti Audio, Nola, Gershman Acoustics, FM Acoustics, Venture
Saturday • Silverline, Lawrence Audio, Vandersteen, Audio Research, Thiel, Hegel, Legacy
Sunday • Soulution, mbl, Zesto Audio, Avalon Acoustics, VTL, Wilson Audio

Hot Products

Coincident Speaker Technology Total Victory V
Apex Glacier
M2Tech E-Vaughan & E-Joplin
Abyss AB-1266
Sonus Veritas
Schröder LT
Ayre AX-5
HiFiMAN HM-918
Stahl-Tek Ariaa
Atma-Sphere Novacron
Magnepan New MMG
Thiel Audio CS2.7
Wilson Audio Alexia
Audio Research Reference 10

Best of Show

Analog Domain, Göebel High End, Stahl-Tek
Synergistic Research
Apex, Audeze, Esoteric
Wavelength Audio, Vaughn Loudspeakers, AudioQuest
VTL, Wilson Audio, dCS, Spiral Groove, Transparent Audio


"Both of these horns are big, but they do without the honkin'."
"I actually saw and heard both the New MMG and Reference 10 when I visited Magnepan and Audio Research in late August."

Sounds & Sights

"Ray Kimber introduces classical pianist Fan-Ya Lin, who held impromptu concerts in the hotel lobby. . ."
"Ying holds a test pressing of one of his upcoming releases on ORG's soon-to-be-standard clear vinyl formulation."
The Audio Beat European editor Roy Gregory spent all three days of the RMAF giving a pair of seminars.
"But the bigger story was the size of the show itself. There were noticeably more rooms, which only led to more to cover, and that wasn't including. . ."


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