Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2012 • Hot Product

Atma-Sphere's Novacron monoblocks were introduced in the 1994. Roughly 30 pairs were made before production ended in 1997, which caused the existing amps to rise in price on the used market. In the intervening time, Atma-Sphere received requests to build the amps again -- and they have finally done so. Ralph Karsten of Atma-Sphere calls the latest-greatest Novacron "an updated reissue," as the amps use parts not available in the mid-'90s, such as V-Cap copper-foil and Teflon capacitors, along with the power supply from Atma-Sphere's MA-1 amp. The output-transformerless Novacrons use 6C33C output tubes to produce 60 watts, and they come in mirror-imaged pairs.

The award to the left of the amp is for Atma-Sphere's MA-2 Mk 3.1 monoblocks, but maybe the Novacron has one lurking in its future.

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