CES & THE Show 2011

Las Vegas 2011's Greatest Hits

Baubles, Bangles & Beads
I've Got You Under My Skin
Too Marvelous for Words

TAB's 2010 Awards

"...with only two awards, and those being mutually exclusive, they will actually honor the best of high-end audio."

Hot Products

Paradigm Shift AČ
T+A Solotaire CWT 2000 and K8
Zu Audio Dominance
VTL MB-185 Signature Series III
Furutech ADL
Cambridge Audio 751BD
Shunyata Research Hydra Talos and Triton; Black Mamba, Python and Anaconda interconnects and speaker cables
Ayre Acoustics VX-R
Boulder Amplifiers 3050
Bryston BDP-1
Esoteric K-01
Zanden Audio Model 1200 Mk 2 and Model 6000
Simaudio 850P and 880M
KingSound Emperor II
Convergent Audio Technology Statement
Onkyo M-5000, P-3000R, and C-7000R
Parasound Halo JC 3 and CD 1
Audio Research PH8
Bergmann Magne

Best of Show

VTL, TAD, dCS, Transparent Audio, Spiral Groove, Lyra
Lamm Industries, Wilson Audio, da Vinci, NeoDio, Critical Mass Systems, Kubala-Sosna
Magnepan, Audio Research, Bryston
Audio Physic, Esoteric
ProAc, Audio Research


"So sure is Conti of the value of his beliefs that he told me he has a standing bet with all turntable manufacturers..."
"All of these systems made impressive music on a memorable first day..."
"So there you have it -- a mini review of this great recording."

Sounds & Sights

"John told us he has measured output from the driver up to 22kHz, with some energy down to 20Hz."
"Each product in the Constellation Reference line is very dear..."
"Daniel Lee was especially proud of the fact that Mark & Daniel makes 'everything' used for its speakers..."


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