High End 2016

Next Year in Marienbad?

" . . . the overriding impression was one of uncertainty and an aimless lack of concerted direction."


". . . the ease with which the Vox Palladians can go from nuance to crescendo is second to none."
"This was one of the systems that got traded regularly in those 'What should I hear?' conversations . . . "
"Two companies showed add-ons to their existing products that warrant attention, as they bring considerably enhanced functionality at sensible prices."
". . . it could just restore mass music listening to a level of pleasurable performance that the public hasn’t enjoyed since it stopped buying LPs."
". . . the opportunity to finally get to play with Alexx in the flesh (so to speak) made Wilson’s offsite evening event the hottest ticket at the High End show. . . "
". . . this year analog insanity was back with a bang."
"For the vast majority of B&W staff, going into Munich, the center of their effort and the focus of all their attention would have been on the launch of a new near-flagship speaker, the 800 D3. "
"What seemed to be on the upswing this year was the number of sellers specializing in new reel-to-reel tapes."

Hot Products

Simaudio Moon Ace
Astell & Kern PRF11 and AK300
Wadax Ultimate Trio
Marantz Marantz SA-10 and PM-10
CAD Ground Control
Mark Levinson No.523 and No.534
Crystal Cable Scala
Rogue Audio RP-1
Stenheim Alumine Five
Marten Mingus Quintet
Astell & Kern Graphene
Gryphon Audio Kodo
Brinkmann Nyquist
Euro Audio Team E-Glo S
Ayre Acoustics QX-5 Twenty
Neodio Origine S2 and Origine A1
Prism Sound Callia
Audio Research LS28, PH9 and DAC9
Wilson Benesch A.C.T One Evolution P1 and Discovery II
Dynaco and Hafler
Focal Sopra No.3
DS Audio Master 1


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