Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2010

Mile-High Music

Wadia Digital, Edge Electronics, Chord, Genesis Technologies, Audio Research, Nola, Vivid Audio, Aesthetix, Kaiser Acoustics, VTL, Technical Brain, and more...

Hot Products

Wadia 971
Salk Signature Sound Veracity HT2-TL and SongTower QWT
TTWeights Gem
PMC Fact-3 and Fact-8
Brodmann Acoustics VC 7
Aesthetix Romulus
AudioQuest Diamond USB
Avalon Acoustics Transcendent
Silent Running Audio Scuttle
Merrill-Williams R.E.A.L. Model 101
TW-Acustic Raven 10.5
Musical Fidelity V-Link, M1DAC, M1PHA

Best of Show

VTL, Wilson Audio, dCS, Basis Audio, Transparent Audio
Amphion, Vitus Audio
Aesthetix, Hansen Audio, Clearaudio, Running Springs
JBL, Mark Levinson
Wavelength Audio, Vaughn Loudspeakers


"Some people see this confidence as hubris, while others think it's a sign of something more cunning."
"...a second CanJam meet was held concurrently with the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in the same hotel."
"The RMAF also highlights up-and-coming people and products..."

Sounds & Sights

"It's one of Audio Physic's new line of speakers commemorating the company's 25th anniversary."
"Johnnie Bergmann made the long trip from Denmark to Denver to demonstrate his Sleipner turntable/tonearm system..."
"A wrinkle in terms of music sales at the show was the presence of a handful of sellers from the local area..."
"The sign behind these fellows says it all."
"Years later, he has lugged a pair of the multi-cabinet, geometric behemoths, which were discontinued decades ago, to the RMAF..."


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