Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2010 • Hot Product

Silent Running Audio Craz² racks are beautiful and functional pieces of audio art, supporting equipment and helping it all reach its full sonic potential. They are complex to build and ship, however, and these things are responsible in no small part for the racks' high cost. The Scuttle is SRA's answer to these issues. Physical dimensions and layout are similar to Craz², and the shelves are 3/4"-thick versions of the same ones used for Craz².

A big difference between the two racks will be in the price. The Scuttle's will be, in the words of SRA head Kevin Tellekamp, "significantly lower than Craz²." Some of the savings come from the material used -- a multilayer laminate instead of the fine hardwood of the Craz². The Scuttle will also arrive unassembled, saving a great deal of money on assembly and shipping costs.

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