Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2010 • TABlog

by Marc Mickelson | October 17, 2010

Ted Denney, the head of Synergistic Research, has unerring confidence in his products, which often push the limits of sonic possibility. Some people see this confidence as hubris, while others think it's a sign of something more cunning. To each his own. I admit to being inclined to the latter view, until I visited Synergistic Research and did all manner of comparative listening to Ted's products. The sonic differences varied in intensity, but they were always apparent. More important, Ted's ability to set up and fine-tune an audio system is considerable, even if the results often resemble the laboratory from Young Frankenstein.

At the RMAF, Ted introduced eight new products, including a trickle-down version of his wildly expensive Galileo speaker cables. The new Galileo Universal speaker cells ($2500/pair) are meant to be used with any brand of speaker cable (Ted was alternating between those that come with the Cells and Nordost Valhalla), bringing the sonic effect of Synergistic's Galileo technology down to a sane price.

Even more reasonable is the new Basik Precision AC power cord (the placard has part of the name transposed, $250). It uses Synergistic's own plug and IEC, which sell for $99 each.

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