High End 2013

The Show Within the Show

"Yes, a system at this price should impress, and boy did this one succeed. . ."


Crystal Cable Dreamline Plus
Naim UnitiQute 2
Neat Acoustics Motive SX2
Soledge Canto
Lavardin Le Contoure & K-rak
Focal 700 series, Easya & Scala Utopia Be
EAR Yoshino Acute 4 & DAC 4
Marantz NA-11S1
Weiss DAC202U
Orpheus Lab Heritage SACD & D/A Converter
Pro-Ject Signature 10
Ultrasone Edition 12
Plinius Toko
Wilson Audio Alexia & Pass Labs Xs 150
Meitner MA 2
Clearaudio Statement Phono & Line, Reference Phono, Absolute Phono and Accudrive
Metronome Technologie Nausicaa Signature
Acoustical Systems Uni-Protractor, Smart Tractor, Axiom & Arche
PMC fact.12
On Dave Brubeck Drive
Devialet 170
Gryphon Trident 2 & Kalliope
Lyra Etna
Focal Spirit Classic
Electrocompaniet ECM1 & EMC2
Chord Codex
NAD D1050, D3020, & D7050
Wadia Intuition 01
Thöress Parametric Phono Equalizer
Wilson Audio Duette 2
Audio Research Reference Phono 10 & VSi75
Nordost Valhalla 2
Simaudio Moon Neo
Avantgarde Zero 1 & Uno Fino
EAT E-Go & Yosegi


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