High End 2013

We heard rumors that French digital-amplifier specialist Devialet had received a funding boost, a rumor that was pretty much confirmed by the fourfold product-range expansion at High End. The new entry point is the Devialet 110 (€4990), a 110Wpc stereo amp in a new slimline chassis -- only 40mm high. It works as a wireless streamer with USB and Ethernet connections plus moving-magnet analog and S/PDIF digital inputs. The 170 (shown above, €6990) adds a MM/MC phono stage, AES/EBU in, sub out and a configurable digital output. The 240 (€12,900) is a revision of the original D-Premier. It has the same power and chassis, and in functional terms adds the ability to be daisy-chained with  units above the 170. The Devialet 500 (€22,900) is a two-box dual-mono design with the option of active biamplification. The range retains the familiar polished-aluminium finish and milled-from-solid construction.

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