High End 2013

Naim Audio and Focal pulled in a lot of press in order to tell the world how things have been panning out for the two brands. As things stand, streaming represents 30% of Naim's turnover, with CD players hanging in there at 17%, the latter thanks to a strong Asian market for the format.

The Naim UnitiQute now has a "2" suffix reflecting a PCB with revisions to ground planes and paths said to reduce noise and thus enhance sound quality (the price remains as per the existing 32-bit/192kHz UnitiQute, $2195). It is also has a DAB+ tuner for greater Euro appeal and will shortly (June) be getting the 3.21 firmware upgrade that will add Party Mode and Seek2Time. These will be coming to Naim's HD players with the 1.7 upgrade. PartyMode enables up to five Naim streamers to be synchronized and controlled by a master unit, while Seek2Time allows fast-forwarding, as it used to be known, to a specific point in a track. The other significant factor is that Naim's rippers (HDX, UnitiServe) can rip to .FLAC or .WAV rather than just the latter. They will also produce a 320kbps MP3 "shadow" so that you can put albums onto portable devices.

The other surprise is the launch of Naim Radio, a 320kbps Internet radio station that will broadcast material from the Naim Label catalogue alongside podcasts on all matters Salisbury and beyond.

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