Rock Mountain Audio Fest 2015

Reduction and Redemption

". . . more than one of the show’s premium pairings demonstrated more modest, more manageable and (whisper it under your breath) more affordable systems. "

Hot Products

Blue Circle class-D amps
SPEC Corporation RSA-M3EX and REQ-S1EX
PS Audio BHK Signature preamp
D’Agostino Master Audio Classic
HiFiMAN Edition X and Edition S
Octave Audio V 80 SE
Schröder tonearms
Zesto Audio EROS 300
Avantgarde Duo Mezzo XD
Cavalli Audio portable headphone amp
Linear Tube Audio Micro ZOTL and ZOTL 30
dCS Rossini Clock
VPI Avenger
Audeze LCD-4 Reference and The King


"The challenge of this system was to draw in listeners based on sound rather than vision."

"With software-related stories pretty thin on the ground at this RMAF, Intervention Records provided one very welcome ray of light amidst the gathering gloom."
"Two different rooms, two demonstrations that were different from the rest of the show."
"These twin-cabinet setups contain everything you need to make music -- except your chosen source."

International Hi-Fi Press Awards

"The first annual Rocky Mountain International Hi-Fi Press Awards (IHPA) were launched at this year's 12th annual Rocky Mountain Audio Fest. "


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