Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2015 • Hot Product

The dCS Rossini player/DAC was first announced in Munich, bringing Vivaldi form factor and technology to a one-box replacement for both the Paganini and Puccini products. Now, in true dCS style, the company has added an external clock built into a matching slim-line chassis and costing $7499. Although notionally and stylistically a replacement for the Puccini uClock, the new Rossini Clock is a far more sophisticated beast, based on the microprocessor-enhanced crystal-oscillator technology found in the Vivaldi Master Clock. As with other dCS machines, it boosts the musical performance of the Rossini player or DAC substantially. However, what is just as interesting is that with three clock outputs it offers Vivaldi owners and buyers a far more affordable clock option that actually looks all of a piece with the flagship units. dCS are clear on the point that the Rossini Clock can’t match the performance of the Vivaldi unit, but if past experience with the uClock is anything to go by, it’s going to be far preferable to no clock at all.

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