Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2015 • TABlog

by Dennis Davis | October 4, 2015

Two different rooms, two demonstrations that were different from the rest of the show.

Ayre Acoustics continued its tradition of a special themed room where the audio system on display was secondary to the atmosphere of the room. This year’s theme was a recording studio, where attendees could escape the madness of the halls and pretend they were involved in a recording project. The musical detail achieved in such a small room was quite remarkable.

russ_andrews_2.jpg (121786 bytes)

Russ Andrews USA, the US arm of the UK hi-fi mainstay, appeared at the RMAF with a smartly appointed sales booth on the main floor of the hotel. Andrews markets a line of cables, power strips, Linn parts, system racks and supports, and other odds and ends, and a high percentage of show attendees wandered the halls with a Russ Andrews bag in tow.

Even more interesting was the room upstairs used to demonstrate how much a change of cabling can make in a system. Taking a page out of the Nordost playbook, the five-to-ten-minute demonstrations were, if anything, even more ear-opening when applied to simple and inexpensive products that anyone could afford. The system was set up using cheap electrical components found on eBay -- in other words, stuff any college student might assemble for a dormitory system. The demonstration swapped out the stock power cords, interconnects and speaker cables for two Russ Andrews power cords ($410 each), one set of Kimber Kable Timbre interconnects ($126) and one set of Kimber Kable 4PR speaker cables ($126). The total investment of $1072 made a jaw-dropping improvement in the sound of the system and no doubt accounted for all those Russ Andrews bags carried about the show floors.

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