National Audio Show 2012

Houston, We Have a Problem

"It is way past time for the powers that be to stop moaning, bickering and sulking about the state of the UK’s annual hi-fi show and do something about it."


Icon Audio FRM
Inspire Hi-Fi Vivid and X12 mods
Advanced Acoustics panels
Alacrity Audio Caterthun Classic
Albarry Music AP11, & M608, MCA11
ART Alnico Reference
Art Audio Diavolo TW REF Vinyl 1 & Conductor
Bodnar Audio Sandglass Fantasy
Chasing the Dragon
AutoTech Universum 3
AMR ifi
Keystrobe Lightbeam 301
Palmer Audio 2.5-12
Simaudio Moon MiND 180d
Townshend Audio Seismic Feet & Corner Cradle
Classic Album Sundays


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