National Audio Show 2012

Keystrobe makes a range of components to help establish the precise speed that a turntable spins, and if it’s a classic turntable all the better. It makes two Keystrobe stroboscopic discs that are the size of a record label so that they can be used whilst the needle is in the groove, and has a range of torches that produce strobe light at appropriate frequencies so that you can read the disc. At Whittlebury, the company introduced the Lightbeam 301, a strobe light designed to be permanently fitted to a Garrard 301 and take advantage of the strobe markings on that turntable’s platter. It fits in one of the bolt holes at the front of the chassis and is powered by a pulse generator that provides 50 or 60Hz light. The Lightbeam 301 has a neon-colored LED bulb, and the complete kit including the Pulsar power supply costs 95.

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