National Audio Show 2012

AMR has established a strong reputation for building technologically advanced hybrid electronics and has two ranges of amplifiers, DACs and phono stages at serious prices. It latest offspring is designed for a completely different market and thus has a very different name, ifi. These products all fit within very compact cases and prices start at 99. Though small they are designed to offer high-end sound and plenty of features. The iCan headphone amp (right, 199) has a 400mW output, switchable bass boost and a circuit that’s intended to push the soundstage out of your head, called "3D holographic." There is an iDAC (, center, 249), which has RCA phono and headphone outputs as well as volume control. One product that we’ve not seen before is the iUSB (left, 99), a power supply that sits in the USB line and cleans the power coming from the computer. The fourth element, which is not yet in production, is the iPhono phono stage with fully adjustable gain and impedance, outboard power supply, class A electronics, and variable EQ as well, all of which can’t be bad for a projected 299.

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