National Audio Show 2012

Townshend Audio, maker of the Rock turntable and long-time advocate of effective isolation, has a new range of Seismic products for keeping everything from individual components to speakers and even equipment racks out of the reach of resonance. The new spring bellows Seismic Feet are available for a range of loads from 1kg (2.2 pounds) per foot up to 32kg (70 pounds), so individual components that weigh between 3kg and 128kg (7 and 282 pounds) can be accommodated. Seismic Feet are made with machined stainless end caps and air-damped, high-tensile carbon springs, and they cost between 90 and 120 each. There is a new and more elegant Seismic Sink platform that has four of the Feet under a steel platform and sells for 490.

The final element in the new Seismic range is a Corner Cradle that has two spring bellows and is designed to sit under the corner of a equipment rack, a set of four costs 890 and will isolate a load of up to 256kg (563 pounds).

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