Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2011

A Weekend of Spectacular Sound

Pink Floyd, CanJam, Audio Research and Vandersteen, VTL and TAD, Nola, Zu Audio, BMC, HiFiMan, Volti Audio, and much more

Hot Products

Volti Audio Vittora
Audez'e LCD-3, Reality-1, Ether-1 & SpitFire UHDR-1
VTL Siegfried Series II
Esoteric I-03
Davone Ray
Audio by Van Alstine FET Value preamp, FET Valve DAC & FET Valve Hybrid 600R amp
Thiel Audio USS
Sennheiser RS220
Crystal Cable Arabesque Mini
Luxman PD-171
Vitus Audio RI-100

Best of Show

VTL, TAD, dCS, Spiral Groove, Lyra, Nordost
) Allnic Audio, XactAudio, Reed, Schröder, Wilson Audio, Tel Wire
Volti Audio, DSA, Border Patrol, Zyx, Mørch, Amazon
Wavelength Audio, Vaughn Loudspeakers, AudioQuest


"Perhaps the chief concern of the attendees was how the high-end-audio industry would 'build a bridge to the next generation of audiophiles.'"
"What's always compelling for me about the Merlin speakers is the way in which they disappear into the music they create -- and do so consistently in hotel rooms that are often less than sonically ideal."
"This demo was a potent reminder of how innovative and expertly constructed this music was -- and that David Gilmour's greatness cannot be overestimated."

Sounds & Sights

"The Audio Beat sponsored an interesting and provocative seminar during the RMAF on the importance of using proper EQ curves for analog playback."
"We'd like to think that the high point of Ken Kessler's long career as an audio scribe has been writing show reports for The Audio Beat, but we're realistic."
"A prediction: the face of this man will become much more recognizable in 2012. . ."
"Big. That's what the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest has become. "


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