THE Show Newport Beach 2014

Hot Products

Spiral Groove SG Revolution
cEntrance Mini-M8
PranaFidelity Vayu/fs
Conrad-Johnson ARTsa
Silverline Audio Ode to Love
TW-Acustic mono amplifiers
Polymer Audio MKS-X
Magnepan .7
JansZen zA1.1

Best of Show

Audio Research, Vandersteen, Basis Audio, Harmonic Resolution Systems, AudioQuest, Lyra
Luxman, Mola Mola, Vivid, Eclipse, Synergistic Research
Harbeth, Naim, Well Tempered Labs, EMT, Crimson Cable
EAR, Marten, Helius, Dynavector


"Covering an audio show is an act of dispassionate enthusiasm."
"Steve Silberman of AudioQuest demonstrated just how much difference supposed non-audio cables -- in this case Ethernet -- make in streaming music."

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