THE Show Newport Beach 2014 • TABlog

by Dennis Davis | June 5, 2014

Steve Silberman of AudioQuest demonstrated just how much difference supposed non-audio cables -- in this case Ethernet -- make in streaming music. Silberman swapped out a generic cable for one of two premium AudioQuest equivalents and left it to the audience to judge the difference. Vandersteen’s Treo four-way, ported, floorstanding speakers ($6490/pair) put out a big sound driven by an Audio Research Reference 75 amp ($9000) and Reference DAC ($16,000). The stock cable appeared to be a Belden or something equally nondescript, while Silberman swapped in either Diamond ($549 for 0.75 meter) or Cinnamon ($75 for 0.75 meter) cables, demonstrating that even the lowly Ethernet cable transmitting streamed music makes a big difference.

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