THE Show Newport Beach 2014 • Hot Product

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New in Magnepan's .7 series is the smallest and least expensive model yet, the fully quasi-ribbon .7 (around $1200/pair when it begins shipping in a couple of months), which is roughly three-quarters the size of the 1.7. Magnepan used it to test-market. .  .

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. . .two different stand concepts, eliciting votes from attendees. Our choice was the one on the left, which Wendell Diller of Magnepan called "the sculpted base." It was more stealthy, less visually obtrusive than the one on the right, which is called "the standoff base." Through Saturday, the two bases were in a virtual tie, so maybe both will be offered: one as stock and the other as an option.

The sound? Used along with a pair of Magnepan bass panels ($800 each) and a concealed CC5 center-channel speaker ($1100), the .7s cast a wide, deep soundstage, the center-channel speaker helping to give a full sonic picture even to those seated off to either side. The clear, direct Magnepan midrange was fully present and accounted for. A very impressive debut for a budget-priced speaker that exuded refinement and class.

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