THE Show Newport 2012

Hot Products

Tri TRX-M845SE
Antelope Audio Rubicon
Teresonic Reference 2a3 and Reference 211
Bel Canto C7R
Spendor SP2/3RČ
Chord Red Reference Mk III and SPM 1200 Mk II
TW-Acustic Raven GT
Coincident Speaker Technology Dragon Mk II and Frankenstein M300B
Cessaro Chopin
Zesto Audio Leto
Audio Analogue Fortissimo
Nola KO
Zu Audio "unnamed"
Audio Research Reference 75
Davone Mojo
GutWire Davoti

Best of Show

Highwater Sound, TW-Acustic, Cessaro, Thoress, Silent Running Audio, Silver Circle Audio, High Fidelity Cables
Joseph Audio, Bel Canto, VPI, Soundsmith, Cardas
Audio Image, Scaena, VAC, Kronos Audio, MIT
Brooks Berdan Ltd., VTL, Wilson Audio, dCS, Grand Prix Audio, Cardas


"The cones for these drivers begin as thick pucks of aircraft-grade aluminum that are then machined down to 8/1000ths of an inch, removing 99% of the material."
"One of the opportunities that a show affords is hearing gear that other TAB writers have covered and comparing their impressions with my own."
"I've now heard the BMC electronics in three systems -- Aaudio Imports' in Denver, at CES and in Newport -- and the results were slightly different each time."

Sounds & Sights

. . .as is often the case, Analogue Productions steals the show with some much-anticipated titles that are just about to begin shipping.
We guess we're in the right place, as this banner on the side of the Atrium Hotel announces.
Daniel Weiss of -- not coincidentally -- Weiss Engineering makes adjustments to the playlist for his MAN301/Medea + system. . .


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