High End 2012

A Feast For the Eyes

Nola, Silbatone, Voxativ, Tidal, Argento, AudioQuest and more

A Treat For the Ears

KEF, Leading Edge, Kaiser, Thrax, Audioplan, Lindemann, Acapella and more


Pro-Ject Signature, Air Tight Masterpiece Acoustic, and Kuzma Stabi M
Naim NaimUniti 2
PSB M4U 2, Stillpoints Ultra LPI and Aesthetix Romulus
Kaiser Chiara
Apertura Enigma
Manley Labs Chinook
van den Hul Grail SB and Emerald
GIP Laboratory drivers
Adam Audio Gamma Mk 2, Beta Mk 2 and Alpha Mk 2
Colotube 300B, Audiomanufacture W20
Boston Acoustics M25, M250, M340 and M350
Cessaro Beethoven and Tron Syren II and Discovery
AudioQuest Forest, Carbon, Diamond and Dragonfly
Scheu Analog Premier, Tacco Mk II, Diamond and Cello
Nagra SNST-R
Music shopping in Munich
Siltech C1, V1 and P1
Dr. Feickert Analogue PlatterSpeed and Firebird
EMT JPA-66 Vario Curve and Pro-Ject Phono Box RS
Hartvig TT Signature
Jadis Uranie
Jürg Schopper and Thorens


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