High End 2012

Naim Audio has upped the spec on its popular Uniti all-in-one CD player/streamer/amplifier. The NaimUniti 2 ($4695) has 20 more watts than its predecessor, boosting its output to 70Wpc, and it has a new transport mechanism and improved CD tray. It can stream from any UPnP server, has a multi-format tuner for terrestrial or Internet radio, runs a Burr-Brown PCM1793 DAC at 24 bits/192kHz and has coaxial and optical digital inputs along with provision for connecting an iPod. The power increase was brought about by consumer demand and is achieved with a bigger mains transformer.

Elsewhere in the company’s extensive range, the $3695 Unitiserve has doubled its hard-disk size to 2TB on HDD models and incorporated a folder for material downloaded or ripped offboard, which will be a boon for those who already have a collection of music files.

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