High End 2012

Scheu Analog, operating out of Berlin, had a large range of its turntables on static display through its German distributor, Thixar. As the pictures reflect, Scheu knows how to work with materials usually found in much more expensive decks. When you consider that the top-of-the-line deck, the Laufwerk II, sells for $5995, you begin to see how much value is packed into these turntables. The Premier (above) sells for $2300 -- $2700 with facility for a 12" 'arm.

The 'arms shown also come from Scheu, the one on the right being the Cantus, an unusual design employing a flat lattice armwand cut from acrylic sheet. But it’s the 'arm on the left that really rates a closer look. The Tacco Mk II is the company’s flagship model, employing a tapered wooden armtube and a unipivot bearing tipped with a ruby ball and sapphire cup. Available in 9" or 12" versions and with a choice of two different wood finishes and a one-piece wiring loom that runs from cartridge tags to the Neutrik RCA plugs, the Tacco II starts at €2300. Clean and simple styling complements the elegant Premier perfectly, but this 'arm would look just as fetching on other decks.

The Diamond turntable features the choice of ordering the plinth in a variety of colors, with a price of $2990, plus $390 for the addition of color.

The entry-level Cello is 1290 with a modified Rega 'arm and cartridge. Ulla Scheu indicated that the line was available in the US through Audio Advancements. We checked online and found Scheu-Analogue listed on the Hudson Audio website, but we were not able to sort out what the relationship currently is.

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