High End 2012

Day one of the High End show this year afforded a surprise reunion with old friend Jürg Schopper (right), the world's foremost expert at all things having to do with classic Thorens turntables.

A rare Thorens TD 224 record changer.

Jürg's shop in Winterhur, Switzerland, is one of the world's great audio destinations. In addition to selling used classical records in his shop, by mail and on eBay, Jürg runs a hi-fi shop that is quite unique.

Fully restored Thorens TD 124.

He sells a number of off-the-shelf brands and has cornered the market on replacement parts for and restoration of classic Thorens turntables. He also manufactures and sells key replacement parts and upgrades to the most commonly available Thorens models.

Thorens TD 121 with tangential tonearm.

At the show this year he set up a museum of some of his most precious collector items. These are items he does not sell, but holds for posterity.

In case you're interested in seeing what Jürg has for sale, his shop website is www.schopper.ch, and his eBay seller ID is Volante1.

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