Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2009

Two-Channelin' at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest

Nola, Vandersteen, Esoteric, Legacy Audio, Acoustic Zen, Abbingdon Music Research, Nordost and more

Hot Products

Emerald Physics, Devilsound, Tri, German Physiks

JansZen, Blue Circle, Dynaudio, Win Analog, EMM Labs

Best of Show

TW-Acustic, Graham Engineering, Dynavector, Tron, Horning, Ayre Acoustics, Wadia Digital, Tidal, Ypsilon, Bergmann

Octave, Odyssey Audio, TEAC, Vivid, Luxman, Brinkmann, Synergistic Research, YG Acoustics, Soulution


"There you have it -- one listener, two very different speakers."

"A Peter Case song began, and then something unforeseen happened -- the music abruptly stopped and the room went black."

"Gilbert and I share an interest in scrounging for LPs on the cheap."

Sounds & Sights

"With the Indra ($19,900/pair), Avalon Acoustics appears to have a speaker like the Merlin VSM-MXe -- one that always sounds very good at shows."

"LP can claim what no other music carrier can: to be the audiophile format of today, tomorrow and yesterday."



































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