THE Show Newport Beach 2015

Mr. Record in Newport Beach

"There is nothing quite like the euphoric feeling I get from attending an audio show."

Hot Products

Magenta TT-10
Lansche 3.1
Thales TTT-Compact
Dynaudio Focus 600 XD, Focus 400 XD and Focus 200 XD
Luxman EQ-500
Silverline Audio Bolero Supreme
TW Acustic 300 B SE
Audio Research GSi75

Best of Show

Aaudio Imports
Optimal Enchantment
Audio Element


". . . it's no stretch to surmise that Nordost's use of Jeff Rowland electronics . . . made the complete effect of Odin 2 -- even just a single power cord -- all the more apparent."
"Magnepan called its strategy for THE Show Newport Beach an "Intramural competition. Magnepan vs. Magnepan."










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