THE Show Newport Beach 2015 • Hot Product

Dynaudio debuted its latest speakers, the Focus XD series, which includes three models: the Focus 600 XD ($13,500/pair) and . . .

stand-mounted Focus 200 XD ($7000/pair). Not shown was the middle speaker in the range, the floorstanding Focus 400 XD ($11,000/pair).

As the control panel on the rear of the Focus 200 XD indicates, the three speakers are fully powered and fully digital. Each driver has its own 150-watt digital amplifier. All signals are processed digitally within the amplifier and remain in the digital domain until sent to the drivers. Wired digital and analog inputs are offered, and wireless input is an option. Volume is adjusted within the speaker, so all that's needed is a digital or analog source. Each speaker also allows adjustment for room position and tonal contour. All three speakers use Dynaudio Esotec+ silk-dome tweeters and midrange/bass drivers with a specially developed MSP (magnesium silicate polymer) cone.

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