THE Show Newport Beach 2015 • Hot Product

It seems inadequate to call the Luxman EQ-500 ($7990) a phono stage, given all of its features -- and it's packed with them: everything conceivable except alternate EQ settings. They include four step-up transformers, multiple inputs, RCA and XLR outputs, individually adjustable gain and loading, high- and low-cut filters, mono/stereo switching, front-panel output meters, and built-in cartridge demagnetization. While the EQ-500 looks too narrow to use tubes, it does have them -- mounted horizontally. It uses four 12AX7s and two 12AU7s for gain and a single EZ81 for rectification. Gain levels for MC cartridges are 55, 57, 59, 63, 65 and 67dB, with separate levels (36, 38 and 40dB) for MM.

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