High End 2011

"I know of no other single-venue event that has as many exhibitors, many of which manage to make very engaging and convincing sound, thanks to Munich's MOC. "
"The result was reaffirmation that this is the most important high-end show in Europe."
Acoustic Signature Ascona
Acoustic Solid Bambus
Audioaéro La Fontaine
Avantgarde XA-Pre & XA-Power
Boston Acoustics Axperience & KEF Blade
Chapter Notepad
Diapason Astera & Quad II Classic
EAR-Yoshino DAC
EAT Forte E-Flat
Emillé Ara
EMT 948
Gato Audio Amp-150
GIP Laboratory 9700A
Kuzma Stabi M
Luxman NeoClassico SQ-N10
Sonus Faber Guarneri Evolution
ST Innovators Icon preamp & power amp
Telefunken Modell TubeClock
Trilogy 908 & 992
WBT Nextgen speaker terminals


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