High End 2011

EAT’s third record deck under its Forte banner is the two-motor, belt-drive E-Flat (€3999, or €4999 with cartridge), notable for its flat, unipivot tonearm. Unlike the rather flexible flat tonearm from NAD many years ago, this is rigid carbon fiber. As with the larger Forte decks, the diameter of the platter is oversized compared to those on most competitors’ turntables, 330mm chosen because the moving mass is twice that of a standard 300mm platter. Its vinyl mat is made of recycled LP records to create a surface with properties sympathetic to the LPs it supports. The platter is filled underneath with sorbothane to stop resonance, while Sorbothane is also used to damp the bearing housing, tonearm base and magnetic feet. In addition to the isolation provided by the magnetic feet, the bearing assembly and platter aperture are suspended. Also offered as a €1000 option is the EAT Yosegi m-c cartridge, made for the company in Japan and sporting a colorful shell.

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