CanJam 2010

Hot Products

Antelope Zodiac+, Zodiac Silver and Zodiac Gold DAC, headphone amp and preamp
Audez'e LCD-2 headphones
Centrance DACmini headphone amp, line-level preamp and digital-to-analog converter
HiFiMAN Player
JH Audio JH 16 Pro in-ear monitors
Luxman P-1u and P-200 headphone amps
Westone ES5 in-ear monitors

Best of Show

Apex Pinnacle headphone amp
Rudistor Chroma MD1 headphones
Woo Audio WA5 and WA22 headphone amps


"An end-of-the-road headphone system."
"...Tyll was measuring headphones as part of the launch of what he describes as "a non-profit organization serving the headphone industry."

Sounds & Sights

CanJam is not a "show" in the image of the CES, for instance. It's a "meet"...
"Thanks, guys, for putting together such a well organized and truly sociable event."
"...portable record players were an unfulfilled dream during vinyl's heyday..."





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