CanJam 2010 • Hot Product

The Antelope Zodiac+ ($2795) is a jack-of-all-trades device -- a USB DAC with a custom chipset that decodes up to 192kHz data, a precise reclocking unit, an analog preamp with balanced and unbalanced inputs, and a headphone amp. Two other versions will soon be available. The Zodiac Silver ($1695) decodes data to 96kHz and omits the preamp functionality, while the Zodiac Gold ($3995) decodes data up to 384kHz, has a stepped attenuator for volume and a remote control. Standard with all units is a front-panel LED display that indicates the sampling frequency of incoming data.

Connections for the Zodiac+ are wide-ranging -- from optical digital input to balanced output. Needless to say, it would perform as the centerpiece of just about any kind of audio system.

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