Another Personal-Listening Product from B&W

by The Audio Beat | May 8, 2012

ollowing the introduction of the P5 headphones and C5 in-ear monitors, B&W continues its push into the personal-listening market with the P3 headphones ($199.99). The P3s' light weight and foldable design make them travel friendly, and the memory foam earpads, which feature custom-made, ultra-light acoustic-fabric covers, promise comfort as well.

But it is the performance of the P3s that matters most to B&W, and this starts with their custom-made drivers, which use "ultra-linear" neodymium magnets and precise damping. The drivers' terminals have also been positioned "to ensure uniform airflow, resulting in more linear movement and less distortion." Ultimately the P3s "are designed, engineered and tuned by the same engineers responsible for the highly regarded P5 headphones, Zeppelin Air and high-end 800 Series Diamond speakers."

The P3s are available in black or white finish and come with a hard carry case. Two cables are included: one with a remote/microphone attachment for use with iPhones, and another for use with other brands of mobile phones and MP3 players.

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