Top Audio Video 2011

At times in Milan, it’s easy to think that you’re in Germany, not Italy, thanks to the profusion of horns, supertweeters and compression drivers. Furai Lab is entirely Italian, though the Dedalo (above left) looks like it could be English or American. The enclosure contains a horn-loaded full-range driver with a paper cone, said to cover 42Hz-14kHz, while the supine cylinder on the top contains the supertweeter good for 5kHz-35kHz coverage. System sensitivity is stated as 97dB for the full-range driver, and 106dB for the supertweeter.

KEF’s Blade (above right) turned up in production form, in a gorgeous alternative to the well-publicized gloss black or gloss white -- this is, I believe, a Jaguar paint finish. The speakers should be shipping soon, at a price in the €20,000-€25,000 region.

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