Top Audio Video 2011

ForteVita showed this early sample of a cool new preamp, the AudioVisore, clad in wood and copper and with fascinating rotary controls in the form of cones lying on their sides. The unit is available as Model I, with a single gain stage and two positions, as a Model II with multiple gain stages with three positions, or ultimately as the Model III seen here, with continuously variable gain. All feature something ForteVita calls Overdrive, which is a gain stage with no feedback. Unfortunately, my Italian is limited, but the basis of this solid-state, class-A control unit is a new circuit design, patent pending, called MC-SGS (Multiple Control-Single Gain Stage). Inputs and outputs are single-ended and balanced, and prices span €14,000-€27,500, depending on configuration. If that’s too rich, there’s the AudioVolume, with single rotary and single gain stage selling for €6000-€9000.

Another teaser from ForteVita is this line preamp called the Relevant 10. It, too, uses the company’s MC-SGS technology. This is so early in its development that the styling will change, and the price has not been mooted, but I suspect this preamp will sell for less than the AudioVisore.

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