Top Audio Video 2011

"When the dust had settled and the headcount had been taken, the organizers revealed that 20,000 people showed up, to see over 700 brands. "
Arcadian Audio PNOE
Audio Space LS3/5a
Canor TTM-1 & BT-1
Copland CTA506
ForteVita AudioVisore & Relevant 10
Furai Lab Dedalo & KEF Blade
Goldenote XS096
GPinto GP-H2A
Graaf GM50B
Hanss RC-20
Mastersound Piccolo
Music First Audio Baby Reference
Neoplat Engineering NEA TWO SE
Scuderi Tittarelli Casta Model VC & Pacetech Auralea 309
Serblin Accordo
Torlai Pick-Up Service
Ulix Multi EL34 & Bewith Monitor H-1
Unison Research Sinfonia & Simply Italy
Wilson Audio Sasha W/P


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